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Getting Past Procrastination: Six module online program for parents

Getting Past Procrastination is a valuable six module online resource that helps parents learn how to help their own smart but disorganized student. This program is for parents who are looking for effective, common sense ways to help their child do better at school without the constant hassle of playing the "homework cop" every night. Designed and moderated by nationally recognized expert Ann Dolin, the six module online course helps parents do the following:

Establish a set of routines that ensures students (and the whole family) get organized and stay organized.

Utilize personalized tools and techniques to help students get started on homework.

Develop powerful word-for-word questions that help keep students keep on track.

Discover a simple process for helping students with subject struggles when they get stuck.

Apply research-based strategies to help students discover how to learn more in less time.

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